When do you need commercial electrical repairs?

Not sure if you need workplace electrical repairs? Turn to our commercial electrician in Wilmington, NC if...

  • Your lights are always flickering
  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • You smell burning plastic
  • You notice warm spots on your walls
  • Your outlets or switches aren't working
Do you have any questions for our commercial electrical contractor? Contact us at 910-399-7676 today to learn more about our services.

Handling electrical work for your next project

Updating and improving properties is easy with the right electricians on the job. B Graham Electrical Contractors takes on a variety of projects for our commercial clients. Our commercial electrical contractor manages electrical work for:

  • Rewiring projects
  • New construction projects
  • Renovation and remodeling projects

Whether you need rewiring services to replace outdated, dangerous wiring or installation services for a new construction project, we've got you covered. Our commercial electricians even take service calls for repair work. With our extensive commercial electrical services, you won't ever have to find another electrician. Discuss your electrical needs with our commercial electrical contractor in Wilmington, NC today.